Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's that time of year again....

Sad but happy. I hate that summer is coming to an end. However I LOVE watching my oldest play football! Tonight was the practice at home...daddy is whipping them into shape. We thought our youngest son would want to play football too, so I said I would look into it for him. He was very excited to get to possibly play until he had one practice with his older brother and then he said, "um, mom... I'm more of the watching football kinda guy, not playing." LOL. I thought that was an awesome way to say never mind, i don't like pain!

Fall is in the air. another sad but happy. I absolutely adore fall here in Michigan. You will never see a fall like you will here. the colors. the crisp clean air. wearing sweaters in the morning. I thank God for Fall.

Thanks to everyone who is encouraging us in our new Journey. God is amazing. and we just want to serve Him.


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