Monday, August 8, 2011

My {our} Day....

Woke up early to get Isaac to a 9:15 doc apt. {poor guy has a kidney infection}
Read the most amazing part of scripture today {for where I'm at}
Lamentations 3:25
The LORD is good to those who wait for Him,
To the soul who seeks Him.

Praised God for his confirmation in our steps.
A new life verse.
{we have quite the list going.}

Got some coffee.
Got everyone dressed and out, to the doc on time...praise the Lord {if you know me, you know why I say praise the Lord...I"m usu a couple of minutes late ;) }

Doc apt. went well, continue our meds.
Came home & worked out. {gotta get back at that.}
AS I was working out started listening to a second session of Francis Chan.
I cried.
Tried to hold my hysterical cry.
God spoke to my heart.
I just want to please you God.
To serve YOU.
This message showed me how.
To not live in fear.
I'm a fearful person. Its who I have always been.
Francis said it so well.
"we all have an experation date"
"Why live in fear of doing things for God in fear that we can actually make that come sooner"
"as if we have the power to do that!"
so I parafrased the second quote, but thats basically what he said.
Then his daughter sang a song, this song is dear to my heart.
To the God I serve.

Spent the day praising God.
Spent some good quality time with my oldest.
He helped make me a late.
He helped me grocery shop.

All that after we dropped off my husbands car to be worked on.
I was literally climbing in from the passanger side door.
Its a 2 door coupe people.
ITs tiny.
I guess I should have tried climbing in through the windows like the old t.v shows.
Oh well.
Next time. ;)
Part of the repair covered under warranty.
Praise God again.

Thankful God showed me all the beauty that He had His hand in today.
Not my nature either.
But God.


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