Friday, August 12, 2011

A little of this, a little of that.

{just a little fun}

My husband and I have been working on this idea of a desk for a few months.
Remember I posted a similar desk a while back.
Well this is our version of the desk. I absolutely LOVE it!
We still have the back shelving to add.
A new computer to add.
But all in due timing.
Ever thought of making something out of pallet wood?
Its fun.
However it is painstakingly awful to remove the nails from the boards.
much patience is required!

and in case your wondering yes freezer paper sticks to wood...too much!
You can't get it off after your done making your stencil.
Thank goodness we did it on the back side as a tester first.

Ever wondering how a girl who has no knowledge of how to put a computer together did indeed unassembled and reassemebled the whole computer herself.
My secret {take pictures with your phone!}
Ha. I know. Silly. But it worked!

Next up staining the pallet coffee table I made in like two minutes!

{In all seriousness}

For all those who have been praying for us. Thank you. God is speaking. We are just asking when we should speak what He is doing in our hearts and for our family. This remains in my heart, and the goal of my life...I just want to serve my Jesus.

{our familes life verses}
Lamentations 3:25
Habakkuk 1:5
James 1:27
1st Cor. 13:4-8


Rosie said...

Very cool and creative desk!
I am glad that you blog! Thank you for sharing your heart and just the norms of your life that Jesus is working in your heart. It's encouraging and at the same time I feel like I get to know you all a little better because you're so far away!

Gina said...

Thanks Rosie. I love to see your comments. We will be posting on the blog prob by Sunday of what God is doing in us and our family....I do hate that we live so far away from all you guys. However I see us visiting just a little more since my brother and SIS are moving there. ((Hugs)). Gina