Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stumbling block....

I've struggled with for years a statement that was made to me about me being a stumbling to two people because I wouldn't do what they desired of me.  The thing is I had prayed about this thing that these two people had wanted of me and I honestly felt God say its okay.  It's not required of you.  Focus on what is required right now, which was my children, household, husband and work.  As I did what the Lord was requiring of me and not what people wanted the statement was made that I was stumbling these two ladies.  I've questioned and second guessed what I heard from the Lord for years.  Lord was I really hearing from you?  Was it my own will?  Just two days ago I was listening to this really awesome message from Britt Merrick, pastor of Reality churches in California.  The message was on judging.  He brought up the issue of Christians passing judgement on each other and using the Romans 14:10-13 where it refers to being a "stumbling block".  Many times Christians use this with other Christians to get their way or their will.  Other times there is legitimacy of something being a stumbling to someone.  So my question was how do I know the difference?  More specifically how do I know if these ladies were actually stumbled by me or if it was simply them just desiring their way.  Well Britt said it well.

The definition to a stumbling block is this:

Doubting the identity, the valitity of the cross and the power of Jesus Christ and your salvation in Him. 

After hearing this I felt a huge relief off the back of my mind....that little something that has always made me question if I was misrepresenting the Lord....which is the very last thing i'd ever want to do. 

My point in sharing this is two points. 

One...please be careful to how we use the Lords word to get what we want.  Make sure we are always using it to the glorification of God and not ourselves.

And two...

Sometimes the Lord takes a while to answer some of your deepest questions....but through it He teaches you so many things. Like patience and to know what Gods word says and to look deeply into His word, and let Him minister to you in His timing.



Oh and one last thing that really ministered to me in that message was to when it comes to judging people and here motives, remember even though we are sure we know the whole situation/motives....we will never have all the information to judge motives, therefore God reserves the right to judge man's motives.

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