Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So thankful/overwhelmed by the Goodness of the Lord

I'm so overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord.  I've seen His hand in so many little things in my families life and friends lives.

I stopped at a barn sale this last weekend...this was there welcoming true for our lives.

He is so good.  I don't know how else to explain all His goodness but I see it everywhere.   This beautiful fall we are having.  Opening doors that only He can open.  Opening more doors that only He can open.  Showing me the changes He has made in my heart and my husbands heart.  Seeing His hand in the littlest of things.  My kids hearts.  Precious!

I'm gonna be honest.  I was having a rough time before the Lord revealed what His plan was for our family.  I felt as though He had forgotten about me. US.   That maybe I was being put on the shelf.  I cried out. Why Lord?  Have I done something that has grieved your heart?  please show me.  Not a week later He revealed what His plan was for our family.  He has since then blown my mind with His plan and direction.  I'm constantly saying Lord we are yours.   We just want to serve you.  I want to be pleasing to you.  A willing heart is all He needs.  This is truth.  Praise Him.

During the process of planning for Africa there has been many okay Lord you will have to take care of this and this and this.  And He has looked I'm sure and said oh see those as obstacles...okay I will move those out of the way.  He has done this with a few things in our life recently, and I love that I can see His hand in it.  His hand moving something aside to show us the path is move forward.

How about you?  Have you been overwhelmed by things lately?


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Jessie said...

Wrote a whole big comment and then logged in to google and it deleted it! Oh well, the Lord is saying simple is better! So blessed being a part of God's plan for you guys. Been overwhelmed by His goodness in ou lives and all the changes He is making in my heart. I am moved daily by His love and faithfulness to me, by His word and the refreshment it brings. He is so gracious to me and I am overwhelmed in blessings. Love you xo