Wednesday, September 7, 2011

They did fine. I did fine.

So today is the kiddos second day of school.  Guess what?  They did fine.  Can you believe it!  I worried all night long for nothing.  Always seems to work that way.  They are enjoying their teachers and their friends.  I'm glad they have friends.  Glad their teachers are nice.  So very thankful!

Guess what happened today?  On the way to school, we all take turns praying. Well Ezra was praying and He asked for Jesus to keep his Dad safe while driving today for his job.  I drop the kids off...and I get a phone call.  Well because I chatting with some moms I just hit ignore, and thought I'll call him back in a second.  Then I get a text that says....ITs okay don't answer my call...just wanted to show you what happened to me today.!  Attached was a picture of this...

I called him right away.  And He hit a deer!  Thankfully a truck hit if first and it kept on running and then my husband hit it.  I told the kids as soon as I picked them up today.  I explained that the Holy Spirit had burdened Ezra's heart today to pray for safety for Daddy....because Jesus knew that He was going to hit a dear today.  And LooK how good the Lord is.  He is safe and just  a large dent on the front of the car, and you can barely open the passenger door...but Praise God HE is okay!

In other news.  Pray for us. Were looking to do a fundraiser with some shirts I've designed to help fund our way to Africa.  They are pretty sweet looking if ya ask me...Glory be to God, cause I'm a dork!  We need wisdom on which shirts to order and how many....i may have a poll up sometime soon to see which ones everyone likes best.


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