Monday, September 5, 2011


Man I know this day coming is harder on me than it {probably} is on them.  The first day back to school that is.  Every year I do this.  Every year the night before they go back to school I have anxiety...did I spend as much time this summer with them as I should have?  Could I have done better?  I'm going to miss them so much.  What am I going to do with with all the time on my hands?  Yes I know I work in Em's class 2 days one week and then 3 days the next...but still!!  The tears I hold back the night before.  The day of there are no promises...I just love my 3 little people so much.  One day I hope I can say my four little people...only God knows.
I always have been anxious when it comes to my kids going to school.  What if someone hurts their feelings?  What if no one plays with them?  What if they eat lunch all by themselves?  What if, What if, What if.  I am {that} mom.  Thankfully I know i can leave it (the burden) at my Jesus' feet, because after all He cares for them more than me....Hard to believe...but true.
Thankfully Isaac and Ezra are in a split class together this year.  They will have each other.  So important.  I pray they always treasure what they have...a built in best friend. And Em LOVES school.  I just hate being away from them.  I am their mama.  I love that....and HATE leaving them.

Today we had a fun day.  Got up later...Em and I went to build a bear.  Oh she had so much fun.  Then we had yogurt together while we walked through the mall.  The boys went to the movies.  Then we had some family come over that evening.  We ate.  We laughed.  We were able to share some of what the Lord is doing...Oh how I love sweet fellowship.


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