Thursday, October 6, 2011


I don't know why I ever question what the Lord is doing or going to do or how He will provide.  Today is no exception.  For the past couple of days I've been asking the Lord to make clear a few things...from fundraising to midweek study to when we are to leave to go to Africa...with many things in between.  Today He has answered some of my questions. 

Amazing to me that the God of this universe would answer me.  A question of how. 

I'm no one special.  Except His daughter. 

And He takes time to answer me.  Simply amazing.

Today I was posed the question...
would you sell everything to care for the poor? 
 Live even more of a simple life than you might already think you live to provide for the needy?  
Dare I say not have a savings account because you provided for someone else's needs.
  Do you hear these words?  
Give up your savings account for a brother or sisters needs?  
That spoke deep to me.  
Many people are willing to give up some clothing or their heart or even more... sex's! but to give up your savings account...that is just out of the question.  
 Dave Ramsey would have a fit!  I'm sure that thought has ran through some of your minds. 
 But Guess what? We don't answer to Dave.
 Sure He has some good practical ideas.  
But God has a plan. 
 A plan for you and and a plan for me.  
What if His plan was for us to fogo a savings account so one of His children are having heat in there house or food to put on there table...
 What we all need to remember is that it is God's money first and for most. 

 but I think we forget about that.  
We feel we've earned it.  
But who gave you the ability to earn it? Who provided the j.o.b? 
 This message really spoke to me.  
because I've been struggling with some thoughts lately.  

Do we dare purchase the tshirts for our fundraising?  
What if we don't get all the money back? 
 How do I give to others when I'm trying to get my family funded for Africa?  
You know, He will provide. 
 I've seen it time and time again. 
 There has been instances where God has placed a certain amount of money on our hearts to give to someone and we've said okay Lord...but you know this means we can't put any money into savings this month...and guess what!  The amount He placed on our hearts was exactly what a brother and sister in the Lord needed to be able to have heat and food that month.  
Being obedient to God's will is so much more important than my savings account.  

I don't expect this will change many...but I just want you to know where the Lord is speaking to me. 
 IF you've not read crazy Love by Francis Chan. 
 You really should. 
 He speaks about this.  

 I want to live more this way.   

So here I go...I will be ordering our Fundraising shirts.
Listening to the Spirit lead. 
Prayerfully asking God for His will in our money.


Our prayer requests in case you want to pray with me.
1)Africa  2)adoption  3)homestudy before we leave?  4)Fundraising for the fatherless  5)Midweek study  6)a friends need  7)a decision on my husbands pension 8)when to go to Africa  9) Do we go to california for wedding/thanksgiving/family reunion?  10)Funding for Africa, adoption, homestudy  11)Thankful to the Lord for His goodness!

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