Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I might have had a problem last week...

Not to worry! I might have had a problem last week...but this week it is completely under control! Lol. I've already gone a whole day with out TIM Hortons...I'm so proud of myself! lol.

My husband and I had a date day....happens like once every year because he doesn't get days off work like a regular employee would....so He was awesome and took the kids to school so I could sleep in (i did fight him on this but I lost apparently) and then he came home and we just had the rest of the day to do whatever....the weather was beautiful the kids were playing in the yard....it was the most perfect day! I thank the Lord!

Okay I'm off to grab my addiction.... take the kids to school and come straight home.....I wouldn't dare stop by my friend Tims coffee shop;)



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