Monday, November 21, 2011

Shop with purpose this Christmas season....

This Christmas season a friend online is encouraging each and every one of you to shop with purpose.  Help being home an adopted child.....or FEED [1] Orphan....or bring clean drinking water to a village drinking mucky water....or put shoes on an orphans feet and provide jobs for women to provide for there children.  An amazing idea!  I love it....I see me ordering some of these this Christmas season....and adding notes into the gifts so people know what the tought and support is behind there gifts....  
look how cool this stuff is! 
and our FEED [1] Orphan keychain is on the bottom...
and our necklace!  All to FEED the orphans in Africa!
Thanks to my sister Nic at sweetteashoppes!  (nic you rock!  thank you!)

Go to my friend LOVE's site and there is a link on her site to purchase with a purpose.  
love you rock for putting all this together and including us and (sweetteashoppes)!  Thank you!
So Go shop people with purpose!

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