Sunday, November 27, 2011

a tradition, two trees, three happy kids, and a partridge in a pear tree!


 Every year we stop and get coffee and hot chocolate on our way to the same tree farm for as long as we've lived in Genesee county... really its a guy with a vision who has turned his back yard into a tree farm. Sweet family.... I pray the lord blesses them for there kindness to others... They actually said merry Christmas! Can you believe it....okay pick yourself up off the floor...I was as shocked as you.

They tied our trees to our roof... Yes. I said in two.... I was shooting for three but the mister put his foot down....maybe next year! God has truly blessed us with a nice size house so a few years back I came up with a pretty brilliant idea to get two for the living room and one for the family room, to my shock my sweet mister said sure! I know sweet right?! And a little bit crazy?! So this last Saturday our tradition continued we headed out the Saturday after thanksgiving and cut down our trees.... Came home and put on some Christmas music and started getting the trees decorated and the rest of the house.

 Dark approached soon and the kids ran outside to see the lights...they loved it....I loved it! 

Next up on our tradition is to go to braunners... The biggest Christmas store in Michigan and let everyone pick out a new ornament....

Oh and cant forget that on the traditions list is more coffee and hot cocoa and driving around looking at Christmas lights...

What about you???? Got any traditions to share?

Merry Christmas friends!

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