Sunday, December 4, 2011

So behind!

This Christmas season I am so behind. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm finding more fun in staying home and just getting things done around the house rather than shopping. I know crazy words I speak, right?! Don't revoke my girl card I will fix this I promise! I've pretty much got nothing for my kids and husband and only a few things online which were shopping with purpose items....which aren't any main gifts just things to add...
Our December is practically booked which is fun but also I want to take the time and enjoy this season with my kids and husband....and especially my neighbors! That also is my brother an sister. There moving. I'm seriously sad over sister and I were talking yesterday and we were sharing with each other the fits we have thrown within our hearts to the lord. Like a little child not wanting to abide by his parents rules....I've kicked and screamed and thrown myself in the ground and cried....right in the middle of many places like my parents house and church, the shower...pretty much anywhere I really start thinking about what is coming in January....[i don't really throw myself down just in my heart...all though that would be pretty funny to see a grown adult do that...hmmm wonder what a kids response would be to that? Lol maybe I will give it a whirl just to see what the kids think! I know I'm weird and way off subject.] I love my brother and sister and nephews and's gonna be rough people for reals. but I have to say the lord is good to remind us that these things and times are just season in our lives and not for eternity although they have eternal rewards for lack of a better word. So today I choose to think on the eternal side instead of throwing my big, ginormous, way too old to be doing, fit...I pray I can do this tomorrow too.
What about you? got anything going on? Are you behind? Is anything your going through causing a fit in your heart? I'm so thankful the lord is gracious and accepts are repentance as if it never happened!



lorraine contreras said...

Yes! I'm totally behind thIs year! I can't believe it's already December. Normally I have a bunch of homemade gifts that I have worked on all year like knitted items, jam, or sewn trinkets but this year I got nothin. Haha
And something that I'm throwing a fit inside right now about is going back to work on Thursday! My maternity leave is over and I do NOT want to leave my baby!! This is going to be so hard for me!

Gina said...

Oh lorraine! I feel your pain. I have like two handmade gifts....thats like nothing to us crafters!LOL.
I'm sorry you have to go back to work. I will be praying for you. I know its so hard to leave your beautiful baby girl.