Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Do we have the heart of Jesus for the less fortunate? 

Do we trust God and His heart?

Do we trust that He will provide as He leads?

Do we have the peace of knowing how big our God is and what HE is capable of?

Do we leave His needs on His lap and walk away with peace?

Cast all your cares on Him for HE cares for you.  Crazy right?! But so true.

I should be sewing.  But I'm not.  I'm captivated by my Jesus and Him speaking through a pastor that is ministering to my heart.

When is the last time I've claimed a promise of the word of God for the situation in my life?
{ouch!}  I love JESUS! I LOVE His word.  Claimed anything?  Nope.  Hold onto scripture for sure!...Hmmm

It was 4 months before God answered Nehemiah's prayer specifically!  Thank God its not just me!  He answered his prayer right away...and it was wait.

Faith is sometimes just waiting on God.
Isaiah 28:16
Isaiah 64:4

heard this twice now this week...hmm maybe GOD is speaking to me...
God doesn't care so much about ability but Availability. 

The only good you might see in me...is not me. ITs Jesus!

Man this message is so good.  So perfect.  For where we are at right now.  WOW God is confirming in my heart that the soft spot I have is... well number one Him having GRACE to let my heart be any bit soft...and two that this IS the ministry He is calling us to.  I'm so thankful that HE has been softening me for this for a long time....so that when He has given us a vision I could hear it and be a willing/available vessel because of Him...to do His work.  LOVE, GIVE.

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