Monday, November 7, 2011

Wait who's head is cut off?

I'm sorry I've not posted in a little while...I feel like I'm constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off!
I've been working on a project to list in my Etsy shop....I'm pretty excited about it...I haven't seen anyone do anything like Lord willing it will be a success....if nothing else it will help with my creative gene that just seems to rear its beautiful, eclectic and sometimes ugly head at the weirdest time!  I blame my mom!  Seriously...she's like the Martha Stuart...but with integrity and a LOVE for Jesus!  Yes our styles totally differ as I've told you before, but she is the one to blame for the creative gene...she passed it along and oh boy.  Sometimes I feel bad for Tony and the kiddos cause when I'm in the crafting family room looks like a crafty mess...but that usually means something cool is in the they don't mind...I guess I just do.  I will let you know when I post it in my etsy shop....
Because I've been running around with my head cut off....or it the chickens head cut off???well who's ever head is cut off I'm running, and sometimes running in today I went against everything that I am...all that I've ever been....and are you ready?  Are you sitting down?...k ready?....i made a LIST!  I know!  right?! So not me.  My husband yes.  ME no!~but to make sure I get it all done before we leave for California next week{did I tell you that?were going for a family reunion/wedding/early Thanksgiving.}....
See....I'm a mess!LOL....Todays agenda:
Order crafty supplies online...cause Michigans got almost nothin!
laundry YES! I conquered it!
Ballet shoes for Em
Start packing the family...cause HELLO...they have to look cute...and well left to their own, well hmm!
clean up the house...Cause I'm a blessed mama to be able to stay home and do it!  SO THANKFUL!!
List my Etsy stuff....

Oh and my sweet friend that I totally LOVE her heart, and have been praying for her because FOSTER CARE and ADOPTION is a huge calling and aLOT of work...finally got the stamp I ordered for our FEED [1] Orphan Ministry...she's making necklaces...I will post a pick of that too when she's got one done. {No pressure nic!  :0) }

Oh and I'm totally listening to Christmas music...cause I think Christmas deserves two months of Celebration...I can muli-task I'm not forgetting Thanksgiving...I TOTaLLy LOVE tHanksgiving.  don't hate me ;0)

Ok I gotta go.  I'm glad I got to chat with ya for a minute...

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