Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The most perfect day

for the most perfect day.

Today I had different plans. I had plans of taking the kids to school and coming straight home. Wrapping gifts by a beautifully lit fire in my fireplace while listening to Christmas music and then watching a Christmas movie. Oh and baking while in my jammies.
`So now for reality!
[its okay, i put on my big girl pants to handle it! ha.]
I took the kids to school and hit the grocery store....we seriously had no milk...and tony well he was out of his necessary desserts [popsicles]! So after that I was torn on what to do....I was already out of my Jammie's so do I go somewhere else or head home? I asked the lord. He spurred a conversation on with my mom....and off I went to go do some Christmas shopping. I thought id be in and out in less than an hour....nope I didn't get home until after 12....came home and his my husbands presents....wrapped. Couple of presents....baked some breaddy goodness.....
This is not the image of mine...I forgot before we dived into it!LOL...(oink, oink!)

source  <----click that for the recipe!
[I did change out the rum for vanilla extract]

can.not.wait! to eat it!
Did some laundry...
Listened to Christmas music...
Watched a Christmas movie...

Got totally spoiled as the Mr picked up the kids from school!

And now I sit at Em's dance class...
Did some Christmas cards.
Made a phone call.
Organized my Christmas list.
And now blogging.

The most perfect day indeed. [could only be more perfect if my kids and hubby could have been home with me too!]

I thank the lord for the joy of the lord in the simplest of things.


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