Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Could you imagine the difference we could make?

What if...We all spoke with this in mind...What if we all gave counsel with this as our rule....What if all pastor's used this as a guide for preaching...

The anointing of the Holy Spirit helps me greatly when I preach i would never attempt to teach the truth of God by my own power.  One day before preaching at Teignmouth, i had more time than usual, so I prayed and meditated for six hours in preparation for the evening meeting.  After I had spoken a little while I felt that I was speaking in my own strength rather than God's power.  I told the brethren that I felt as though I was not preaching under the anointing and asked them to pray.  After I continued a little longer, I felt the same and therefore ended my sermon and proposed that we have a meeting for prayer.  we did so, and i was particularly assisted by the Holy Spirit the next time I preached.  I am glad that I learned the importance of ministering in God's power alone.  I can do all things through Christ, but without Him, I can accomplish nothing. 
-George Muller

This ministered to my heart.  I always ask for the filling of the holy spirit when I am speaking to someone...but do I just go to prayer if I don't feel the presence of the Lord?  or do I keep giving my wisdom in hopes Jesus will use me.


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