Sunday, January 22, 2012

It was this kids birthday!

I can't believe my boys is now a tween! I mean shut up! Or as the boys use to call it and em still does the "s" word [stupid or shut up!] I love their innocence. I'm praying it continues through their youth.

Isaac James Giraud is 12. Seems like yesterday I was taking him to his first day to school.... Like yesterday that he was looking up to me...instead of eye yesterday that he would sit in my lap and snuggle....thankfully he is still an affectionate boy and will snuggle still for a minute in the mornings.
He truly has lived up to his name...he is always making s laugh!
My prayer for him is to find His identity in Jesus ! And Jesus alone. My prayer is that he always know his dad and I are here for him and always has a listening ear with us...but as crazy as it sounds that He has a dad that can and will do it all better than us...I hope he know and realizes all of those things. I pray that he is always honest...with us...himself and most importantly with his daddy who loves Him more than us...[crazy again right?!].
I spend hours awake some nights just praying for our kids...more for our boys if I'm being honest...because they are getting so big....and I see things in them that I need to be praying a discerning be more of a leader because of a following love much....and judge and be critical less[usually of each other]. God has big plans or these boys. My heart is that they always follow him and his will...that there relationship with God wouldn't be because of mom and dads relationship...but because they've seen his hand in there lives and want what he ha to offer...
I know I'm not alone in these cried to our jesus...and I'm so thankful he hears our prayers and answer them according to his will.
Isaac you are an amazing young man...who never ceases to amaze me! You are generous! Spending every penny you have on matter the are smart! Way sure did prove that other school wrong who wanted to hold you back because you said a smiley face in a piece of paper had no feelings because it's not real! You have been prophetical a few times in your life...which alway made me feel dumb...until I realized it was god speaking through you! You are funny! You always keep us laughing between your jokes or your wonky personality or when you choose to throw your Afro on with the gym teacher sweatband and buck teeth!
Please buddy... Love Jesus first and mom second!...and.....
Look among the nations and watch Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days Which you would not believe, though it were told you. [Habakkuk 1:5]
Love you sweet boy!
You are my only make me happy when sky's are grey... You'll never know dear how much I love you...please dont take my sunshine away! [because I sang you this everyday when you were little!]

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