Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New year!

I can't believe its the new year.  I feel like time has gone a bit slower....which I'm so thankful for.  but on the other hand I can't believe its the new year.  My oldest boy will be [gulp!] 12 this year.  My youngest boy will be [double gulp!] 11 this year.  My daughter..the youngest...the princess in a kola costume 90% of the time, ear muffs and all, will be [tripple gulp!] 8!  I can't believe it.
I so want to go back in time.  I'd love to take all the amazing [and hard] lessons and things i've learned and do it all over again [hopefully] i'd do it better.  Not that I did it bad...I just worked part time, yet full time mentally when they were little...and wish I would have enjoyed them more than thinking I will always be in this little stage and they will never grow.  having our boys 13 months apart was. well. hard.  But I love them so close now.  I would [as if I had any control over it] do it all over again if I could.
I'm so thankful the Lord is in control and I'm not.

So my new years resolution...hmmm
pray more.  LOVE at all times. To dwell with understanding.  to be quick to listen and slow to speak.  To feed and love the fatherless.  To watch and be amazed at the hand of the Lord over this year. to let Him move me.

p.s and hopefully a few crafting projects this new year.  ;0)

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