Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little bit of news...

So my sweet husband took me out to breakfast the other morning for my birthday...he so sweet like that! Over breakfast we discussed many things...one being our foster care license....cause it's that time again to renew...which means another round of visits and paper work oh and training hours...it's not as intense as getting licensed the first time but it does take some effort. We both agreed to spend some time praying about it and revisit the issue in a few days...
I know your all wondering how yummy our breakfast was...and let me tell you it was fantastic...I ant wait to go again with just me and my honey! The French laundry...give it a try for breakfast...you won't be sorry!
So as we headed off from breakfast we went and did some shopping...where once again I came home empty handed! It's like I can't buy anything when I have birthday money to spend....or a short time frame to find something in!
But as we were driving around...I keep playing in my head the things that I've been praying for and finally I just start blurting it all out! I know Tony was thinking "oh boy!". But he listened and was so sweet. I told him I had been praying about our Africa trip. He said "uh huh..." and I said I felt like the lord was saying we should head out To Africa when we normally take our family vacation in late may to early June....he looks at me..."no way,me too! But I just didn't feel like he lord wanted me to say anything to you about he date.". Which is funny cause I felt like I wanted tony to say it...but my impatience got the beat of me! I love how the lord works...tells us both and then when we come together were both on the same page.
So that's one part of our news...please be praying for us...Africa in the beginning of June! Wow...that's gonna come fast! We have a lot to still get done...as it gets closer I'm going to contact the missionary we are going to go with and ask what we should bring to help the people there...I will then be asking if any of you want to help by donating the specific items we are looking to bring...so stay tuned :)

And finally our last bit of news...I think most of you heard but we are 1/2 way to our goal for the people of Africa...the monies we want to take to feed orphans and needy people. We have bracelets to sell...hand stamped copper ring with a leather wrapping for $15.00 or double stranded leather wrapping for $17.00. Shipping is cheap...like $3.00 for 1st class....
We also have a necklace $37.00 hand stamped and sterling silver!
T-shirts for men,woman and children $17.00-22.00-27.00
Keychains $18.00 and $21.00 sterling silver...
All of the above support the people of Africa only.....non of it goes to our family.

The very last bit of news [for now!] is that we [our family] are now funded just over 1/2 way and can now buy all of our plane tickets to get there! Praise God! So exciting!!! We do have some paintings we are still trying to sell and some pillow scarves and sleeves for your home....all can be found on my etsy store.

So praise the lord for all his goodness! Thank you for all of your support...prayers, purchases and kind words....you all are a blessing to us!


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