Monday, March 5, 2012

It can only get better from here right?

Today has been ummm well a Monday.
To be honest the jankiest Monday in a very long time.
To start the morning off...I woke up with a headache [never a good sign!]
Extremely tired because little man was only up a couple of hours before that...
Kids were late for super late for us...10 minutes![ this stresses me out and Ezra!]
Isaac forgot his paper [his 1st day back after a week and 2 days off from his tonsolectomy] that is due today.
Baby boy didn't want to stop crying for 40 minutes, no matter what I tried.
Em forgot her snack...[thank hid for speedway right next door!]
Praise the lord I remembered all the hot lunch stuff for the school!
Went to target to get paper towels...I keep forgetting to get this time I went straight to the paper towels so I would t forget.
Feed baby boy while in only be puked on right afterwards[could be why he cried for 40 minutes...just maybe though ;) ].
Cleaned me and him up... To only be puked on again! All 4 ounces I'm convinced I was wearing ....not the day for a side pony tail... :/
Then...get a phone call from our worker saying I forgot to call you Friday we need you to bring baby boy to see mom and dad today instead of tomorrow....well 15 minutes to be exact.
Me... Totally sad my target run is only consisting of puke and paper towels.
I head to the check my 5% with my target debit card... :)
Go to the bathroom to change baby boy to find that he exploded in his diaper, all over his pants, two onzies and all...
I undress him...clean him find no change of clothes in the diaper bag. I think my exact words were " I quit today! "
So I wrap him in his snugly carseat and run to the baby department to find naked boy some clothes to wear to see his mom and dad...finally find something, get him dressed and look at the clock and I'm suppose to be there right then.
Oh yah and all this before 10:30 am.

Tomorrow his mercies are new again..
I will stand in that.

Oralia Lindsey needs to stop thinking about me so much....only a day like this would happen when we would be together...but we would laugh about it instead of cry.

Praying your morning was less eventful.

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