Tuesday, May 29, 2012


it was a normal sunday.
except Em was still sick.  day two of antibiotics..
Almost perfect...but just not enough to go to church.
We ran to the mall why the guys were at church.
Who knew the mall didn't open til 12?! 
Kinda cool...kinda not!
So we decided to hit up target...
Getting vitamins for our trip...
1st aid kit..
some last minute essentials.

Went back to my moms..where Em and I played tag.
I love her.
She couldn't catch me every time..so she decided she could throw her stuffed animal and if it hit me, i was out...which was fine..until she threw it two feet away 
I still love her. :)
Tag was over.

Then it was grandmas birthday.  We hung out.
Saw family we hadn't seen in a while.

Then I ran back to the mall to get my make up i ordered the night before.
There was a sale people!
one day only.  
Buy it online and pick up in store if you want to double dip.
SO me...Of course I did.
Bought two mascaras, get one free [they are never on sale].
plus get bonus time.
um yes please!
So back to my story.
My sister sends me this text as i'm getting ready to leave the mall.
I wrote on her Christmas present.
All the beautiful things she is to me.
And it rubbed off on the towel.
She says its her new fav towel.
I love her.
So i'm about to call her back. but realize they forgot my free mascara!
What to do?
I ran back in...got it corrected..
started out the door...and called my sister.
We were chitty chatting away..as I was driving through the parking lot...
I start noticing a bunch of security guards running around like crazy.
I mean atleast 10-15 guards. [nope, not exaggerating.]
i'm talking and telling my sister..what the heck is going on?
then I notice a security guard talking to this couple.
there describing some guy.
I head out of the parking lot...to go to the main road.
and i'm stuck at the light.
this light was taking forever...
my phone companion was amazing!
until I start noticing lots of cop cars in the area.
But no lights were on so I didn't think too much of it.
Well as I'm chitty chatting and watching these two police cars..I start to notice this one police car who had also been waiting at a light near us...and well it looked like she had had enough waiting...
Suddenly I see her do a u turn towards oncoming traffic and then another u turn and starts heading towards our traffic head on.
I'm a little confused at this point.[okay,okay a lot!]
Then I look in my rear view mirror and I see a white ugly van[i know not important..but its what I remember about it]..
Suddenly this big man starts to get out of the van..now mind you were sitting in a lane to drive...
I'm thinking to myself what the heck is this guy doing?!?!
Then he starts to run towards my van![THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD INSERT HYPERVENTILATING!]
My sister is still on the phone with me...
Shes like breath..Gina...Whats going on?!  I feel so bad cause I couldn't really verbalize what was happening.
The Big guy coming at me...never put his van in park...and it started to roll towards my van..
So now I'm panicing...trying to inch up..but there is no where for me to go...cause i'm blocked in at all sides...this man is running at me...and his van is going on its own about to hit me.
[i promise you will see the hand of God's protection by the end of this.]
Then Suddenly police officers are on all sides of my van...running towards the guy...
He jumps back in his van...stops it from hitting me...
oh ya and as these cops are running towards this guy...they all have there weapons drawn.
And there yelling get down on the ground!
By this point...i'm crying..hyperventilating...and freaking out..as well as my sister can't understand a word of whats going on...

The guy opened his van door...the police grab him...throw him to the ground...as 3 others jump on him because he is resisting arrest still [some people are just stupid!] all while there guns are still drawn.
They get him up..wipe off his face..the one police officer moves her car...
AND whats going through my head is...
SO am I just suppose to go on my way now? 
like nothing even happened?  
I sobbed.
And sobbed.

I couldn't help but think about this mans circumstances. Did he have a mom and dad who love him?  Did anyone tell him about Jesus?  Did he grow up in the system? or in a crack home? I thought about Senny.  I prayed protection on Senny from this life style.

I sat in bed that night and my husband and I talked.
I said you know whats scary?  
Tonight could have ended very differently.
Gods protection is what kept me safe.
I have no idea if that guy had a weapon on him...if his car hadn't started rolling would he have made it to my car?

Oh and the other thought that ran through my head was...
All in a days shopping at somerset mall. [sheesh!]
incase you don't know somerset...this is a very high end mall...I would have never thought this would go down here.

So thankful for protection from the Lord.

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