Friday, May 11, 2012

Strawberry jam...Organic! YUM!!

So you'd think I was pregnant or something with all the "nesting" I've been up to.  Just trying to get things together before we leave...I've got a zillion things on my list...and almost half of them done! Yippy! ;)
I've been shopping Costco's organic foods lately, because I'm praying that eating organic will prepare the kids immune systems to be healthy for when we leave for two weeks.  I know its all in His hands...but I feel I must do my part as their mama...and knowing how its helped our health in the past...I've gone full fledged into this...especially with how bad it seems our food is getting!  Oh man how did I get so side tracked?!  So Costco..yes I was talking about Costco. They use to sell this yummy Organic Jam...It was a huge jar of it for only $6.00!  Crazy right?!  Well sadly they've stopped carrying it.  So yesterday we had zippo jam in the house...and well thats just unheard of.LOL...I run to Kroger to get milk and jam...and a few other things...and wouldn't ya know it...Organic jam is like this puney little jar for $3.50!  I was like!  Then I had a brilliant idea!  Well for my brain was brilliant...make my own! 
So I did.  
I will share the recipe here.  It requires no pectin...just 3 ingredients.
Fruit [we love strawberry!]
Lemon juice

1) You will need 2 1/2-3 cups crushed strawberries...Organic is preffered
Crush them with a food processor...just pulse, don't turn on...we want chunks still in the jam...or use a potato masher..

2)Transfer strawberries to a large pot and add, 1 & 1/4- 1/2 cup of Sugar, 2Tbsp Lemon juice

3)Let all ingredients in step two boil, stirring constantly...remove any foam off the top of the strawberries with a large spoon..

4)Reduce heat to a low boil stirring every 3 minutes or so...just to ensure its not burning.  I'd plan on this taking around 20-30 minutes to thicken up.

5) test the jam with a small spoon...let it cool down and see if the consistency is right for your liking. If it is..then remove from heat and put into a glass jar right away.  Some people put theirs in plastic containers...but then [in my so humble opinion] you should have just bought regular strawberries and not used organic.  I told you it was a humble opinion!LOL.

6)stick it in the fridge and use within 2 months.

7) I'm still too afraid to try actual canning...maybe soon...we'll see!

This recipe will be enough jam to fit in  a smaller ball jar....Its easy...Very little ingredients which is what I'm totally looking for with our family right now.

Let me know if you try it. XOXO!
P.S. If you try other fruits you may need to add more sugar...Strawberries need way less sugar than other fruits. 

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