Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Totally overwhelmed!

The Lord knew what HE was doing when He gave me the name for this blog...[one day I will get around to changing the url link...its from my sewing days in case you were wondering why its different!]Because I am always so overwhelmed.  Mostly by being so blessed...sometimes because of busyness sake...Sometimes because I'm a dork.[hehe]
Today is my favorite kind...
Friends have really come along side and supported our family...and this ministry.  I'm so thankful. 
So overwhelmed.  
Who am I to be so blessed by all of you?
Who am I to see the beautiful work of His hand?
No one in mans eyes...everything in HIS eyes.  
Totally overwhelmed.

2 suitcases full [so far!] of donations...3 more to fill..which doesn't seem to be a problem since we filled 2 in a week!
$1100.00 in cash for this ministry[wow! praise GOD!]
All passports and copies of passports....
All mandatory shots done...Em and Isaac will still get a couple more...Praise God for this to be over![seriously this was harder than labor! i'm not joking!]
Lots of packing still to do...
3.5 weeks!  

Love you all!

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Anonymous said...

I just now noticed that you were blogging about your upcoming trip over here. I am TOTALLY OVERWHELMED with you!!! I am so humbled that so many people have supported your trip and in turn supported this ministry! Thank you so much for your advocacy!! We are so blessed and so humbled! God is SO GOOD!!!