Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday in awassa, Ethiopia

Mans heart  plans his ways but god directs his paths.~proverbs 16:9 This is the case for yesterday.   We had planned to just go explore the see the needs around and in awassa....however on our walk to Rachel and argaws home we ran into Ellen...and she told us that the orphanage was short handed today due to sickness with 2 of the mamas. We held babies...played ball with the older girls....had swing time with the younger boy...the other younger boy was sick.  We took lots of pictures that we will update when we get home...but all the kids loved trying on my sunglasses and wearing my necklace.   I'm so thankful that the lord directs us...because I would have hated to miss out on this day. We went and had lunch at my all time fav [time cafe]...I had two[!] coffees and pizza for lunch..our friends who have been here for 6 years said ok there are these little salt balls on the can just pick them off...when the pizza arrived I said hmmm that's funny cause it looks like peas...sure enough...that's what they were...I had a really good laugh over that...Some of the peas looked extra janky...but they were non the less peas.  After lunch we headed back to the orphanage....while our kids stayed back at our friends prevent them from getting sick...Isaac did choose to come with us...but we warned him sickness isn't the same here.  I felt he was old enough to make the decision on this own. I'm proud of him for his decision. Emma is being fought over by our friends boys. She has mentioned several times that she doesnt like to be fought over... Her exact words were " because I mean im not the last cookie on the plate mom!" oh this child!  Gotta love her personality. The boys have done a really good job just playing with the kids and keeping them occupied... So far em was sick last night with some breathing issues and ezra was sick the first day[stomach ache]...but we've been on top of things with some home remedies and lots of vitamins. Ezra has already said he wants to come back here again next year...em has said she wants to move here.  I've just really enjoyed our new friends,this new community and all gods beauty in everyday. By his grace which I am so overwhelmed by! Gina

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