Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thursday in awassa, Ethiopia

So I've written this blog post several times and it just isn't coming together right.  Our time here in awassa has been awesome.  The lord is good. So far we've seen the children's home and helped organize there clothing closets while tony painted with what we "jokingly" said was lead paint :/ Today we are going to kind of explore the community a bit more.  We are praying to the lord continually for his will while we are on this trip. Several kids have come to us begging... It breaks my heart. I hate to say no... But if you give to one you must give to all. And this walk we take the kids asking us for money and water and chocolate[i love their accent!] This morning the lord has burdened my heart to do some form of outreach for this community.  We will continue to pray on this and see if this is in fact the lords will or just my human heart to want to help... One of the days we were here, several kids came up to us and held our hands and asking for things...stained clothes/ dirty clothing....dirty faces...but offering to sing and dance for us as we image I won't forget.   Love you guys! Gina

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