Saturday, June 16, 2012

New York round two!

So yesterday we landed in new york after 11 hours of flight time.  Seriously that flight seemed longer this time than the first..almost two weeks ago.  I think next time I'd request two night time flights rather than any day time long flights.
We got into new york, and after 11 hours you'd think the airport would be ready for us...the flight staff would be ready for us to "get out".  However we got to our gate and we all stood grabbed our carry ons and then stood there in a line for 20 minutes before they opened the cabin door to release us to the "real world" again.LOL...

Rushed down to get our luggage...after passing through immigration...and we waited for almost a good hour for our luggage.  Then walked around the carousel to look for our missing luggage...and someone was kind enough to take it off the belt and set it on the ground.  boy I wish we would have taken that walk around the carousel sooner...cause for some reason when we get down past immigration and to get the luggage my stomach starts to hurt.
We get into our reserved ride to head to our hotel in new york.  So interesting how many people were striking up conversation with us...asking if we lived in new york....why we had so much luggage.  It was neat to be able to share with them what we did and where we went.  We get to our hotel and we order pizza to be delivered...because while we had the energy on the trip going to explore new york, on the trip coming we lacked that energy with a passion...or maybe we lacked that too!LOL.
While waiting for our pizza to be delivered...we looked over because the kids were super quiet... sure enough they were asleep!  poor things had been up for over 24 hours by this point...i however took a few naps on the me no one would want to be around me without a little sleep!  and that ain't no joke!  Pizza came, we ate..and we were all asleep by 7:40!
Tony and i paid dearly for that fall asleep so early....1:30 i looked at the clock... 2:00 looked again..2:30 looked again...3 was like oh my gosh I have to get up!  During those hours of laying there awake...i got  the opportunity to pray for the kids at the orphanage and for our friends running it...and the song ran through my heart "the cost."
[one of the boys i was praying for last night while I should have been sleeping!]

[me and my boy on one of our flights home...after our nice long hot shower in new york.]

WE got up at 5 am and took showers...oh how wonderful they felt.  we are spoiled americans I tell you!    to shower without worrying about lizards being hidden in the shower...and not having to worry about the walk to the shower and the baboon that graced us with his presence more than I cared for..... don't get me wrong...i'm not complaining... i wouldn't have changed our experience for the world...but it was a little culture shock.  There were other "hotels" in awassa we could have stayed at...but I really felt convicted by even thinking of going to a "nicer" hotel while we are going to this land to see the people and the community and the way they live and then for us to go to a 4-5 star hotel each night....i don't know just seemed wrong to me.

And while i hate camping more than anything...I think I did pretty good...all things considered.
So this morning..we headed on two planes to get back to Michigan.  Had to run to the grocery store for bread and milk to get us through til tomorrow...and i had thoughts of just a few days ago the "market" we were shopping at...and the hunt to just find cream to make butter.  These memories will be with us for a life time....To GOD I am thankful for that and HIM be the glory.

and a beautiful pic just to show you how amazing the lord is!

[my boys on the top of the mountain that they climbed early in the am while the princess' slept.]


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