Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What a day already!

Today I was up at 6am! I've read my bible...prayed[continueally]. Cleaned the kitchen. Did a load of laundry. Organized the dining room[its my catch all for my crafts]. Ran to the grocery store where i forgot the paper towels:/...I am making jam and homemade beans for dinner. Thinking of making bread...because the homemade bread in awassa is much better than the store bought bread here...and I suppose I am recreating a few of my favorite things there, here.

Still on the list...clean bathrooms, sweep floors and vacuum. It's only 10:26am.

But just because I'm cleaning doesn't mean you have to...so heres a pic of distributing the
headbands...they LOVED these!
[i loved seeing there happy faces getting them!]

and here is a pic of these guys fishing...not too far away was hippos playing in the water and then some kids bathing...and washing there laundry.  I'd say a multi-purposed lake is an under statement. :)

 And we are receiving a refugee boy today, we're keeping him until tomorrow night. Doesn't speak English....this should be fun....but as my husband said it so perfectly...no different than us trying to communicate these last two week.
True. True.

 Love you guys! Gina

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