Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I've had a rough time. Not gonna lie. Coming home from Ethiopia...excited to be home...and then yet kinda depressed to be home. Can't find my drive to get things done. To keep the house up as I did before we left...I guess I just feel kinda blah....I've been able to spend some good time in the lords word, and that helps a ton. We ended up getting a new car because tonys car kept over heating...first full day home with the car and someone scrapes it with the basket...next full day with it and a freeway worker mowing the lawn ran something over and it flew off and hit the car and scrapped a good section of the paint off...these things are not helping with my blah feelings. It's just a car and I'm not mad....just kinda like good grief! The kids have kinda been in this mode too...there a little board and just kinda blah feeling... Tony taught at church a couple of Sundays back...and oh my was I blessed beyond measure. The lord is good. I love to see the lord equip his men to do what he has called them to do. The next Sunday a sweet friend stopped me at church and asked how I was doing? My first thought was oh boy am I not looking like im doing very well? I said oh you know we're fine..and she said oh okay, I just know how bad the spiritual attacks can be coming home from a mission trip...like even for a few weeks! I was just kinda stunned...I said to her really? You mean I'm not crazy? We got to talk for a few minutes just on the blahness and I was just so comforted knowing that the lord had sent my friend to talk with me and encourage me. On Tuesday my husband and I took the kids to a little waterpark/hotel for fireworks and a little fun. While the kids were in the water...we got to really just fellowship with each other. It's crazy how you can live with someone and not have a heart to heart for a little while...I love that man. Tuesday on our way to the waterpark, we got a call. A child needing a home for a while. We prayed and asked the lord what he wanted for our family as this boy is 4 and our max age is 1 currently on our license. We felt the lord prompt our hearts to leave it in the agency's hand. If they could find a place for him to stay while we were at the waterpark then when we came home we would pick him up....last time this happened it was a no. We knew that if this was what the lord has wanted for our family he would really have to work this out. Sure enough He worked it out. So we are now a family of 6. We are working on manners, prayer...and love. In the 4-5 days We have had him, he is now trying to pray on his own and asking to pray multiple times throughout the day. This and this alone is what makes being a foster parent worth it...give them jesus...someone who will love them forever! Its what we've been up to....what about you? Xoxo Gina

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