Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've been working...

i decided to make some cute pallet art.
I'm selling it to raise funds for Ebenezer Grace Childrens home...
their funding is low.
God knows all the details.

on our recent vaca...just before school started, we went to a store i had been eyeballing on facebook.

Oh happy day!  it was a beautiful store.  My husband asked the owner if he'd be interested in my pallet art.
a few emails later and we have a few pieces in their store.

They sold well!  so I'm now working on more art for them.

Here are some of the pieces...

if you are wanting to order something...I'd be more thank happy to work with you on custom orders.
prices and sizes vary...from $20.00-$100.00 for single 4"X18" to 18"X 18" to 37"X28".

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Lisa said...

do you still have the one that says Where you are is home? How big is it and how much?
Lisa Ulman