Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer in the rear view mirror....

I am super thankful for this summer.  Honestly i was going into this summer with a bad attitude because my bff and my kids bff moved to california.  I know old news for you all. But I still struggle with them not being right next door. 
This summer we... 
took our trip to Ethiopia.  Which i would do it again in a heartbeat.

Joined an athletic club[they had no dues the whole summer, and we could cancel before any were do!] We had to...they practically forced our hands.   :)
I am thankful that we did join this club.  I was able to take the kids and their friends to the pool almost everyday...they got to play tennis and racquetball too....
See normally the kids would play in the neighborhood with their friends, while I would be baking, and cleaning, and hanging out with my sister...and I would feel nostalgic...but when school would start back up, i'd have this guilt I wish I wouldn't have focused on cleaning...or baking so much...and spent more time with the kids.
[This] summer I didn't have that feeling.  Because I was with them everyday. i let the house go! [shhhh don't tell the neighbors.hehe] i enjoyed my kids.. I spoiled them. 
We gained a few pounds.  [a sign of a great summer!]
which will take me until next summer to loose...but just in time for another great summer.

We went to frankenmuth for fireworks and last hurrah before we became a family of 6 for a season.

We added a child to our home.

We became crazy busy. 

My Son won his championship game for baseball.

We had a one week break before our next sport started up.  [football]

WE went to Muskegon for labor day weekend.

And well we thought Summer was crazy busy...I don't even understand how it will all happen during the school year.
I live by my iphone calendar.

hope your rear view mirror of summer was as blessed as mine.

still trying to figure out life...and how to love well.

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