Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A little sabbatical...

I'm taking a sabbatical to Facebook...
I believe it's much needed and over due. You may see me more on here more this week...we shall see...
I mean this is twice in one week already.[crazy!]

So with my extra time on my hands today...I got lunches made[i totally spaced the night before! Scramble!]
Took the kids to school...
Ran to Home Depot...my second home lately.
I got 3 pallets put together...stained and painted...
Got a kid in structure play time[ it works best for him...you know what they say..idle hands are the devils playground! I agree completely...well for this kid.]
Got him off to school.
Did a load of dishes.
Made a few phone calls.
Did a load of laundry.
Ran to SAMs club..
Ordered prints from our family photo shoot.
Picked up the kiddos from school.
Spent a few minutes with the hubs before he and Isaac ran off to foot all.
Made pumpkin cheese cake.[it will be my breakfast tomorrow!]
Did Another load of dishes.
Made homemade breadsticks that never rises. [yep I added the yeast.]
Fed the littlest and put him to bed.
Fed the family.
Did another load of dishes.
Swept the floors.
Practices for worship for Sunday...
And now I sit and get to relax with the hubs.

A pretty successful day without Facebook!
I'm super thankful that The Lord spurred me to get off Facebook for a week..

How about you what's new?


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