Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A good lesson learned.

During my break from facebook, i learned so much.
While social media is a great way to spread the gospel....
raise awareness for many organizations and needs...
keep in touch with loved ones across the country.
Facebook for me had become more than all that.
It had become a habit.
Too often I found i did it mindlessly.

i learned that facebook in moderation is fine....
but certain personalities don't do moderation well...
ahhemm...that would be me.

So I've put some rules in place for me. no more FB on my phone.  That is where i've waisted much time that I can't get back.
If i have time to sit down at my computer for a minute or two then sure i can go on FB...but if i don't have time to do that then i shouldn't be on it...cause its just mindless time waisted.

Now don't get me wrong..this is my personal conviction...
I'm not saying this is for everyone...
but i have noticed during the week i've taken off from FB...things were not such a big deal.
I wasn't as irritable as normal.
Facebook seems to me lately a place where people can say or do whatever they want to their "friends" or "family" with no repercussions.  Its saddens me.  And at times irritates me.  To say something is wrong...is like watch out...everyone and their mama is going to tell you your wrong for saying something is wrong...and then tell you your not trusting jesus.
We forget the person we are condemning...or giving advise to.  We forget their heart....
We act as though we are talking to a complete stranger.
Maybe its just me.  I sure hope so...but it sure doesn't seem like it.

Jesus burdened my heart for this.  And I'm so glad i listened.
I enjoy times on facebook...but the drama is so, for lack of a better word..."uhhhh!"

So like i said for me...this is what will work.  Instituting moderation which does not come to me with ease.

I also this week was able to get done some super fun pallet art....and keep my home up...spend some much needed time with the little lady of the house...and keep all of our schedule going.
More pallet art pictures coming soon.

Okay so be honest...does it seem this way to you to?  or is it just me?

Hope your enjoying fall....I sure am!

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