Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Friday.

Here is two more pallet art designs. 
The harvest one is $65.00.  If you'd like to order one from me, shipping isn't too bad.  Around $20.00..but that is depending on how far it is going.  Feel free to email me if your interested in purchasing a pallet art...or leave a comment here and I will get back to you.
Of course if you live in Michigan and want to pick it up then there is no shipping charges.

The peanut gallery one, my son made up.
I thought it would be very cute for  a nursery.
Its $15.00

Today I'm designing new pallet art for the Christmas season.  Of course Christmas music is essential when designing for Christmas.  :)  The hubs would totally disagree...but thats okay..he's at work.

The house is cleaned up.  I was suppose to have a new washing machine delivered today...but boo.  GE didn't get it shipped in now I must wait.  I will be so thankful to not have to set a timer to go manually switch the laundry to rinse with each load of laundry. Sometimes I just so cheap...this time...i just had to bite the bullet and pay for a new machine.  I know I will be so happy i did.

On another note...I was suppose to be up at the hospital each day visiting our newest placement...snuggling her and bonding..but birth dad had other plans...
so for now I sit and pray for her, thinking of how she must be feeling sitting in a bed all by herself  I can't wait to bring her home.  I pray its soon. 

Hows your friday looking?

peace,joy,and love.

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