Thursday, November 8, 2012


If Tony would let me I'd have up all my Christmas decorations....but he is a tyrant...and says no!  Even now he is shaking his head at me.
Do you all feel sorry for me?  JK....He can't be perfect right!

So today I decided to order our Christmas cards...I ordered them from and there is a referral program...if I refer anyone they can receive $25.00 off their order!  And you can stack that with this coupon code...that Money saving mom was offering....  HOLI25SHIP
So I was able to get a great deal on our Christmas cards...

I can't wait to get them....This is my first year ordering photo cards.
Let me know if you decided to try out mint...and put to good use those fab family photos you all just had taken a month or two ago.


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