Monday, November 26, 2012

our closet is a closet no more. YAY!

Tony did an awesome job.  I stole the idea from pinterest....not gonna lie.  But I had been working this idea up in my head for years now...and someone on pinterest just happened to put an actual picture to my thought.  I still have baskets to add to the top and i want to make crates to the bottom....but i just love this little area!
So heres a pic of after we tore out the shelving unit and the closet doors....

And a few steps later....[literally!] LOL..our plans were drawn up...measurements list made...and off to home depot...

And we [and by we i mean Tony!] added the bench...

I originally wanted wall paper...but then though planked wood would looks so nice!  I was afraid to bring up another I let Tony come up with this one on his own...BRILLIANT I tell you! hehe!

Planked done...and we added a shelf.  I wanted a double shelf...but Tony would have had to buy a new table saw or something...and was still unsure how to make it one shelf is good enough. 

Me lining up our fabrics...just to see how they would look...I fell in love...and saw the vision the whole way!....Thankful for that gift.  I don't know how Tony works with me when he can't see the vision until its fully done...he is so good to me!

and our final product! Oh sweet heaven!  Still needs three baskets at the top...and two crates that look like drawers at the bottom...we will make those too...But I love it!

Whatcha think?  Wanna give it a try?

Have a blessed night my friends!
P.S we still have a coat closet...for some reason this house had two closets within arms reach of each other.  :)

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