Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There are kid in your back yard in need!

Hey there friends!
Normally as you all know I'm a big advocate for the orphans in Ethiopia...specifically ebenezer grace children's home...
But today I'm coming to you with a burdened heart for the kids right in your backyard. Your community. My community. Your families community. My families community.
There is a huge need for care kits for these kids coming into foster care. 900 to be exact! Yes 900! Wow, 900 kids in need...
What is a care kit? well I'm glad you asked. A care kit is this...
An outfit or two
[2] pairs of socks
[1] bottle depending on the age of the care kit
[2] pairs of undies
[4-5] diapers depending on the age of the child
[1] container of wipes

Now my friends at foster hope who are running this program for these kids have the clothing, the pjs and the toothbrushes and toothpaste...all by donation already.
So based on my evaluation [1] care kit should run aprox. $7.00 that is less than what I spend on my coffee weekly. [ouch! That hurts!]
Do you have $7.00 to provide a single care kit for a child in desperate need?
Is $7.00 too much? You can buy [1] bottle for $1.00...or undies for $3.00...
Is $7.00 too little...any amount donated to me for this care kit operation via our friends at foster hope...I will take the money and purchase the items for you...or you can bring me items you pick up...to my house or a church.
I'd love to see what God does with this.
He is such a big God who loves each one of these 900 children in need.
Please pray about your part in this. No amount is too little, nothing too large.
Thank you friends!

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