Thursday, January 10, 2013

just a few weeks in...

AS I sit here...writing,  Em is currently emptying a whole bottle of la looks gel on Tony's head.  HA! He's such a good trooper...letting her do his hair with product.
We took down our Christmas trees this week.  Earlier than last year.  By a whole month!  I thought it might bum me out...but surprisingly it hasn't.
I found it kind of freeing getting those trees out.
Now i'm on to decorating for Valentines day....although I must think through this a boy is turning [gulp!] 13 in 6 days.  [1] how the heck did that happen?!  [2] probably not thinkin he's gonna want hearts all around the house on his big day.  :/  yep gonna have to think this through.

So far 2013 has been pretty good. We got to ring in 2013 with our BFF's and they stayed for 2 weeks!
God is leading our family. I'm excited for everything He has for us.
Listening [online] to men of God teach His word with passion for His truth.  We may not be on the same page with all theology but in each message I listen, I hear Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  Its all about Jesus.    Like my husband says a lot lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.  So true.  So I won't.  I will ask God to speak to my soul's so refreshing.
God is providing more for Ebenezer Grace Children's home..and we just get to be a very small part of the puzzle ...I'm always amazed that He chooses to use us.  No one special.  We received a huge order for pallet art...i'm thinkin these boys forget i'm one person.  It would be easier if i didn't have to put together the pallets first before I paint..but this is definitely a process. I'm thankful for the orders...I just gotta get at 'em! I'm such a procrastinator.  LOL

okay I'm off for now...
just wanted to say hi friends!
P.S. if you want to check out the messages online...its Mars Hill messages...the latest series is just beautiful!

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