Friday, January 18, 2013

WOW! He's 13!

Well the day has come.  I am officially a mom of a teenager.  I honestly thought Jesus would come back by this point.  Guess I was wrong.
This boy.

I love His heart.
Where God is taking him.
Perfect. NO. But pretty darn close.
He loves so well.
This year I have seen him love 20 kids in an orphanage and cry only after a week and a half of knowing them because he had to say goodbye.
He has loved on 3 kids in our home...that he knew we would have to say goodbye to...but His love never changed...
He is growing up...
He is growing in areas that it took me years to grow in.
He loves to have fun...

Loves to joke.
Desires to please his parents.
Fights with his brother...
Yet protects his brother if anyone else trys to mess with him.
[I'm pretty sure thats a case of hey, don't take my job of messing with my brother...but I will look at it as His way of protecting him. hehe]
He loves football. his cousins. and Jesus.

I am blessed to be his mom. What a gift.
Happy birthday Isaac James. I pray over you daily...usually while your sleeping and always while we are driving.


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