Thursday, January 24, 2013

Totally and utterly [thankful]

This week has been interesting to say the least.
My birthday was on Friday and well if anyone has a husband like I do your birthday is never just one last at least a weekend if not a week.
My sons surprise 13th birthday party is this weekend...his bday is on the 16th and mines the 18th.. I LOVE sharing my birthday with him. I'm so thankful for Him!
So of course my back goes out on Monday of this week.
I have cleaning to do...
Party decorations to put together and shop for.
Food to prepare.
The list went on and on and my body was saying, no wait screaming NO!
Tuesday the kids school was canceled because it was colder than Iceland
Tony and I had a real sweet heart to heart with the kids. Oh my heart! I just love their responses. They bless my soul.
So that leaves Wednesday.
My sweet friend offers to drive me around town to get my errands ran. I'm so thankful for her! She spent hours with me...helping me lift all the soda , which by the way has never seemed heavy to me until that day, I think we bought 12 two liters which someone bagged 2 in a I was so being a weeny! Lol
Which brings me to today. I had more errands to run...cause well if you know me I'm not the most organizes person in the I forgot what else I needed for the party.
So I run to this store and that store and here and the middle of my almost last store...I said "Jesus, I need you to heal me or give me a little relief! Please lord!" My back at that point was almost unbearable! Thankfully I was able to take a break in my care to recoup before going into the next store.
Then I have a sweet talk with my mama about the word of god...and I'm so thankful that we can share times of scripture and understanding and gods leading ...I know not everyone gets that with their parents. I'm so thankful!
Then my husband comes home early. And I show him all the stuff I got for the party and we chitty chat about our I'm cleaning he's still working at his desk...and I'm once again overwhelmed with thankfulness of a sweet husband to just listens to his wife share her heart and him share his with me and our hearts are aligned with Him. Oh my heart! I feel as though it might explode[as Emma said on my sweet birthday card! Love her!]...the lord is good my friends! Even while my back hurts like I'll get out. Although at the moment I'm feeling some relief...I'm just thankful to be able to see the hand of god through my days...cause to be honest it didn't use to be this way.

So how's your day going?
So thankful!

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