Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pondering...i'm warning you, it's blunt.

so the beginning of the new year my family was in town...We had such a good time.  But as my back is currently out..and I'm waiting to get into the doc today, i couldn't help but ponder...part of it is because i can't do much, part of it is because i'm still apparently the "talk of the town" or blogs or instagram.  Either way you look at it, i can't help but think about could I have done or said things differently?
Heres what went down....
I've known a said person[nope still won't say who this person is, and no she doesn't read this blog] for a few years, on fB and instagram, and through a few emails, oh ya and through twitter.
She has a beautiful heart, we share a lot in common. Coffee, Orphan babes, eclectic homes, our children, a love for Jesus.
She posted a picture on instagram of her nursing her twins, well not just one...but this one was exposing a lot of skin...as if she did not care if anyone saw her breast.
I left a comment on her instagram post...and said I love her heart...but I think she should be alittle more modest in her pictures to not expose any skin.  I tried to make it light hearted as I said something to the effect...even though your hubby may love to see them sista. LOL...
Well she has a ton of followers.  i mean a ton!
And actually i think this offended me most...she let her followers rip me up one side and down the other.  over 100 comments about what an awful person i am.
I was amazed. I knew before that people had a problem with speaking out against something you felt was wrong..but I guess I didn't think what I said was a problem...and even more so that a fellow believer would allow her "friends" to tear someone down like they did.
Another glimse that not all believers feel the same.
So i went back onto instagram to respond...that I never said she was an awful mom or wife...in fact I think she's a great mom....but just that we should cover ourselves up...that being believers we should be more modest...That sadly the world we live in boobs have been sexualized...even though everyone said boobs are for feeding babies only...I said well if that was the case we wouldn't have victoria secret...And sadly that caused a ton of response...about again what an awful person i was...then this woman had the nerve to tell me that I was raising my boys wrong...that I should encourage them to not be afraid to look when a mom is nursing her baby uncovered...because its natural...and that I'm not doing a good job of raising my boys to protect their minds and hearts by telling them not to look at inappropriate things...I simply responded with Jesus gave me these boys to raise...that I am their mother and I seek him daily on how to raise them and how dare she tell me that telling them to protect what they put into their minds and hearts is wrong...
I then did facebook about how people can't be told anything anymore...and explained that I told a friend that she should not show her boobs on instagram...but apparently you can't say anything to anyone anymore...and then this said lady...in whom I never revealed her name because my point was not to slander her...but be able to make a statement...well she decided it was best to slander me...and she took a screen shot of my fb status and then instagramed it...well here came another 100 people tearing me up one side and down the other...but I'm still thankful even to this day that I didn't reveal who she was so people couldn't tear her down...Jesus knew my heart was just to encourage modesty....
So here we are almost a month in and she's still talking about how I shook her to the core...well maybe its not me that shook you to the core...but jesus trying to get across that what you did was wrong.?  Maybe?
So could I have done things differently?  Yep...I could have kept my mouth shut...even though I did get lots of people who supported what I said...I could have written her off and said shes not worth it...I felt by saying something it was showing my love for her...I could have said something through a private message from fb....and i will learn from this...
but sadly...she feels so high and mighty about herself.  I don't think she learned a thing.

I still feel very firmly that we as woman who fear the lord and love him should cover our breasts up...the mentality of some are if I  feed my baby uncovered is going to change the world, but its not...and these shut ins that people are doing are also not going to change the world.
But Jesus...He will. And my heart and goal in this life is to please him...and He speaks in his word about being modest....so yay for breastfeeding...covered up. ;)

Okay i guess I've asked for it...ha.


Secora said...

I had a similar situation happen when the question was placed out there on what we do. I stated out of respect for my husband, my child & my body, I cover up. I then received some VERY negative responses such as: "if they don't like it, they can leave", "so what, someone might see what breasts are designed for" & etc. I was very upset at these comments. Not only did they ask the question (showing they want people's opinions/answers) but do people not realize how strong an addiction to porn there is?! Do people not care if their husbands would like them to cover up?! It is a VERY touchy subject! I let them all know this is what works for me & my family, and that my family's (I.e. my husband) opinion is far more important than me forgoing a cover to make a statement over something that doesn't need to be controversial at all, but that we have made controversial. Hope this blows over soon for you!!! Women should be encouraging one another to be good stewards of that which we were given not causing further quarrel.

Gina said...

Secora,thanks for your comment. I appreciate the encouragement. I'm sorry you had a similar experience...i feel people are getting more and more the attitude, "hey don't tell me i'm wrong!" And its so sad, because as believers we should know that we aren't always right...that we screw up sometimes...and be able to take loving concern. I hope your enjoying your new bundle of joy! :)