Thursday, January 31, 2013

Watch out world!

Well if this doesn't say anything to any of my friends, i don't know what does....
I, Gina Giraud, bought a binder.
FOR.MY.SELF! [not the kids.]
Yep I'm getting a part of my life organized.
This part must, Must, MUST be organized!

isn't it cute.

I've also been working on wall art...opps just noticed i mixed up is always hopeful and and endures through every...but you get the idea.

This one came out cute...but um let me tell you...took me 3 tried to get these boards done.
3 times, cutting the same scripture out...3 times painting the same scripture on...3 times painting the wood.
Yep I said 3! [no i'm not bitter at the wood...not at all :/ ]
We had 50 degree weather the last two days.
I new I had to get this done.  a sweet friend ordered it like 3 weeks ago.
But in this weather its so hard to have it come out right.
Thank you Lord for the warmth for two days.
Now to figure out a way to get it done in the winter time too.

okay i'm off!


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