Friday, February 1, 2013

Ever noticed...

Have you ever noticed how when your trying to save money you want everything in the world. But when your NOT trying to save money you could careless about buying stuff? Yep.
That's where I'm at. Trying to save.
Suddenly in need of everything.
Doesn't help that we have 4 birthdays in our immediate family in January and February.
But still.
So are you trying to save money?
Here let me help you.
Stay away from hobby lobby!
They have beautiful gray and yellow canvas art! They also have beautiful new natural copper blanks for stamping...and normally I would have no prob saying no but I just got a stamp set for my birthday.
Also stay away from target! Oh boy! What don't they have?
They have a super cute rug! Oh and a super cute ottoman!
Oh and stay away from anthropologie website! They have 70% off right now! :/
Oh ya and Joann's! They have their cricut fonts on sale! I need new cricut fonts...yes need. My pallet art relies on fresh fonts. :)
Okay so I hope I helped you out! Hehe!
What's a sista for?

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