Tuesday, February 5, 2013

9 years old...

This girl.
She is spunky. Fun. Quirky. Loving. Kind. Generous.
She loves Jesus, loves Her daddy[a lot!],  loves all things furry, including mustaches.

                                               love seeing her grow throughout the years!

We celebrated her birthday on friday night with a couple of friends, and saturday as a family...
well until the boys ditched us to go help out at the church. but thats okay, it gave us one on one with our soonest to be 9 year old. [i hate that i have to say 9!]

This year she wants her room [RE]decorated.
A[nother] sybling.. [its always on her list.] 
A new bathing suit.
And those ugly calf high converse.
Her and I. We pretty much see eye to eye on style. until... those converse came in the picture.
I guess we will have our differences at times...but she is so fun. I just love her.

She loves her brothers...but her and ezra are two peas in a pod.  They are pretty much exactly alike. pretty much. This morning Ezra was playing around with her trying to maker her laugh, yet she wasn't laughing...and I said oh you know its just cause he loves you right? and her words " oh yes [insert high yet sweet loving voice here] and I love him sooooooooo much too[picture her squeezing the junk right out of him]". I love their relationship.  He has always looked out for her, even to the point of grabbing her lunch for her each morning.  A few weeks ago, he brought Em a soda and before he got it over to her class, a classmate opened the soda and took a drink.  You'd thought this kid just threatened his mama...ezra was so upset.  That was his baby sisters drink...how could anyone do that! LOL.  So protective of her.

She brought in green cupcakes this morning.  I tried to quickly make her an outfit for school, but um, well i haven't sewn in a long time...and its just not as natural as it use to be...I'm a tad bit sad about that...

Today i found myself just enjoying each moment.  The kids laughing and snuggling extra long this morning.  Em walking into school with a mustache. Her oldest brother wanting to buy her a special drink because its her birthday. Even Ezra forgetting his own lunch...I'm so blessed to be the mom to these sweet kids, the wife to a husband who wants to encourage us and disciple us in the correct things of God. i'm reminded of our my husband and my conversation yesterday about theology and what we believe. He could of just smiled and nodded but he chose to invest in me and intern in our family.
So today i am savoring every moment. Choosing to see His blessings.

Happy Birthday baby girl. You are such a blessing to me and your daddy! I pray your year is all that God has designed it to be for you..and that you grow in Him.~love mommy!


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