Sunday, February 10, 2013

Redecorating Part 2 of em's room

So here's more of the bedroom remodel....
My dad and sweet husband made her loft bed...
And here's the chevron wall...before we removed the tape.

Still need to finish sanding and painting the bed...and the dresser. Plus add things to the wall... Like a mustache wall art and I need a picture of the mustache pillow. :)..and a few other things...
This room has really just expressed who em really is. The lamp I found at a thrift store for 3.99...and thank goodness for my dad..after I painted it [it was brass] we plugged it in and it didn't work, so he rewired it and we added em's choice of a lampshade...zebra print.

Oh how I love her quirky style...and she's dying for me to finish up her wall art of stashes. More pics to come.
til part 3!

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