Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mother's Day is just around the corner...


With Mother's Day just around the corner, I though now was the perfect time to post our sweet necklaces for sale. 50% goes to ebenezer grace children's home in Ethiopia and 50% goes towards our families adoption.
blue or red left, green sold.

colors to choose from

Green necklaces...

boy or girl choices

color choices

Pineapple seed color choices

Soild pink 6 available

solid red 2 available
I will post pictures in different sets. Make sure you post the quantity and shipping choice when you purchase. For just $10.00 each necklace/bracelet you can get a nice gift and bless our family and our family in Ethiopia, who might I add is really struggling financially right now. We have almost 200 to sell. Will you please pass the word. Thanks friends!
[SET 1] 1 left

[SET 2] 10 available

SET [3] 10 available

[SET 4] 10 available

[SET 5] 9 available

[SET 6] 7 available

[SET 7] 10 available

[SET 8] 10 available

[SET 9] 10 available

[SET 10] 10 available

 If you purchase more than 2, I will refund excess shipping...I can put several in a flat rate mailer for $5.00...I hate making any $$ off shipping costs, so don't worry I will get your excess shipping back to you.
Thanks for your support!

Love you all!

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