Monday, April 8, 2013

Learning and praying...

Would you be surprised to find out that parents have their children up for adoption at 2 months old? How about 5 months old? What about 7 months old? 10 months-6 years? I had no idea that parents were looking for better homes for their. Babies, toddlers and children.
This is very new to us. Honestly I'm proud of these birth mamas to be able to put their children up for adoption wanting a better life for them, rather than neglecting them and letting them go into foster care.
My heart hurts for them also because you know they've created a bond. And at any moment that bond will be different, always there but different.
We really thought the only options was a newborn adoption or older child adoption through foster care.
We are EXCITED!!
We would LOVE to provider a loving home for these kids that are already here, and in much need of a new home ASAP.
We are praying The Lord will direct every step. Walking us through doors He chooses to open for us.
We have a meeting tomorrow with an agency who will explain this kind of adoption to us. We are praying the cost would be cheaper. Will you pray with us? Will you also pray for the finances for bringing in a new child into our home...and pray for the birth mama and baby,toddler or child. For love and protection for them.
Thank you all for interceding.
Thank you all who have purchased necklaces....we have many more to sell, so please feel free to look at my older posts to buy a necklace to help support our adoption..they are perfect Mother's Day gifts too.

P.s I got accepted into the craft show! Yay! So now I gotta move my keester on making more art!


nic said...

i just adore your family and the straightforward way you love. praying for God to guide your steps! hope the craft fair goes beautifully--your art is gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

hello...this is actually a comment regarding the necklaces. How do I purchase more than one?!

Gina said...

Hi stephanie, email me at and let me know how many and of which ones you'd like and I can send you a paypal invoice. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you...its been one of those weeks. :)