Friday, May 31, 2013

So blessed.

Friends. The Lord is good. 
He his mighty and worthy to be praised!
Yesterday as I went about my day...errands upon errands to run, with my 4 big and little people in tow..I just felt the presence of The Lord.
He was showering me with his love and kindness like no other. 
I'm finding it actually kind of difficult to explain the details of our day except to say I felt his presence. I do remember a little of the evening.
Em got to go in the pool. Yay!!!
I sat on the deck in the heat and sun and practically begged the sun to give me some color so I don't stick out like a soar thumb next to this mocha latte baby.
Oh wait, I do remember getting em and ni up early for a long walk. 
Then after em's pool fun we ate dinner...a crockpot no effort meal because I made 5 meals the day before! 
I must schedule that on my to do list more. Makes for such an easy evening when your already tired.
Then after dinner we all went outside...
And again just felt the lords love on me. I watched my 3 men..two are really just boys but they're getting so big! Anyway they are playing a baseball game...and em and I played a little match of tetherball. Don't worry! I had some mercy. Some. Hehe. Then em and ni were playing in a puddle in the court and I just took a glimpse of our beautiful the outside is and the transplant job I did on the those things are hardy! They look wonderful. I wasn't sure they would survive my black thumb skills... Our two nice cars in the driveway. The big yard the the boys could play baseball on with a dad that loves them so much!...and I could relax enough knowing em and ni were playing in dirty rain water and it would be okay[i don't like it when my kids are dirty]...I just was so overwhelmed. Like why did god bless me so? Why me? I almost wanted to cry. To give me a husband who loves me so much and yet Jesus even more!  To give me 4 kids for at least the moment. 4 feels so good. even if the forth is learning to put her stink aside and love and trust...which means we are all learning. To think of where The Lord had brought us from to now this...being able to see the beauty in such little yet big things. 
I'm so thankful for the blessings of The Lord!
I'm also thankful for my husband spending so much time in the lords word..studying faithfully several hours a week to teach the youth at our church. That Jesus would choose to use us despite our flaws. So amazing. So thankful. So loving.

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