Friday, August 9, 2013

Just some this and that...

We've really enjoyed this summer.
I love the time I've been able to spend with my kids, some one on one time, a lot of all of us together time.
Some together time...I love this boy!
I think his exact words were, how do you girls wear these things???!!!

We've had one big baseball season just come to an end. I'm thankful he got to play, but boy am I thankful its over. He played well. He played a year above his age level. I think he competed well.
And just in time to head into football season.

We've been teaching our newest addition how to love, how to treat one another. How to do simple things such as eat a meal, to try to use words. Its been a constant, continual process, but we are seeing small, very small improvements, which I am thankful for. Being a mom is such a joy. Even if there are days I feel like the biggest failure or like I don't have a clue as to what I am doing...I still count it a blessing and a joy to be a mom to however many the Lord chooses to give us...birthed or not, short term or long. I pray that my heart would be pleasing to the lord as a mom.

I've also done a little sewing this summer.  I was hoping it was like riding a bike....and it was. YAY!

And as I was sleeping one night...asking the Lord for wisdom...He gave me this verse...I woke up and was like, okay remember that verse. I actually got up the next morning and was just so encouraged that the Lord would give me a verse while I'm sleeping...just to encourage me.

Hope your last few weeks of summer is great.
We are headed to California soon. Can NOT Wait to see my Brother, Sister, Nieces and Nephews!

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