Friday, September 13, 2013

Yay for Friday!

Today was a really great day.
The kids are homeschooling and I'm really excited about the time we get to spend together during the day.
I do notice though that come 9pm I'm ready for them to go up to their rooms.
Half of me feels guilty for that and the other half feels like I'm still enjoying them and our day, it's just time for the hubs and I.
So while the kids are doing homeschool today I was working on homemade play dough. 

Ny's birthday is coming up super in two days and tomorrow I'm completely busy the entire day so today was the last day before paarttay day. 
The play dough is for the paarttay. It's our little thank you gifts.
And as I was making the play dough while the kids are schooling at the island...we had the screen door open to let in some fresh fall air. Friends the high for today was 58! I'm mean what in the world?! This week one day it was 91! Sheesh! I think Michigan has lost it's marbles!

Anyway because of the nice chill in the air
I decided to light my newer candle. Isn't it so cute?! The flavor is pumpkin! Yum!

And well to finish the nostalgia my son sent his daddy a text and said "dad! Moms listening to Christmas music!" And my sweet, loving husbands response was "save yourselves!" Lol
Yes I was listening to Christmas music!
I love christmas music. And if I didn't have a ton of things to get done I would have put up my fall decorations....but that is going to have to wait until next week.
I still have a blog post to get up about our trip to California and I will get one up of Ny's party too. Soon. I hope :)


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