Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birthday..a heart change

Niylah's birthday was on Thursday. 

I planned a special lunch out..then a trip to target to let her pick out something special on her special day, with a special lunch dessert...and a homemade birthday cake.
This plan didn't work out so well.
Lunch she barely wanted to eat..not a big shock. Our trip to target meant nap would be very late..ya not my finest mom choice...
Here's what it looked like...
everything I planned to buy her she told me to put back after a minute of playing with it..then when I wasn't paying enough attention that she was done with this one toy she then repeatedly tried to kick it out of the basket and spilled my coffee[here is where I really wanted to cry! Since I don't get Timmy hohos very often anymore]. So I was like okay. Time for our afternoon birthday dessert. I'm a firm believer in lots of sweets on your birthday. We headed over to the target cafe and got ice cream for everyone. Which was great until it was gone. Then you would have thought I just took her food away to be mean...but I'm sorry sweetie you can not eat the paper carton of your ice cream.
Headed to the check out with a 1.00 spot book..for her gift. I really wanted to buy her something she'd really doc mcstuffins toys or Dora toys or Mickey. But she kept telling me to put them back. So finally I just grabbed a Dora book from the dollar spot and figured we make her room super cute with a tree and some other wall decorations.
The evening went a little better. Ran to the store to get a few things for her cake and she saw a Dora birthday balloon. So I bought it for her since it's her birthday and all...told her to keep it on her wrist...she was so happy. Until we walked out side then she decided she didn't want it anymore and took it off her wrist and let it go. sigh. She enjoyed her cake...well sort of. She actually blew out the candles..which at her party she didn't. Then when I got her a piece of cake she kept saying "all done", then as soon as I'd start to clean her up she'd be like "no!" 
Poor thing was very confused. As was I.
She is sweet and sassy. Mostly sassy. But one day I have faith that she will be more sweet than she is today...and praying she loves Jesus more than anything or one in this world...although I would be okay with coming in a close second. ;)

To be honest I went to bed on her birthday kinda disappointed. I really wanted to make the day special for her. It seemed every attempt was squashed. I prayed that The Lord would be blessed that we tried even though I was disappointed.

Fast forward to today...
Tony is coaching football this year. There is this sweet boy on his team.
His innocence is a blessing. He made his first tackle last Saturday and while the kid was on the ground he panted the boy on the chest and said he was sorry for tackling him. Then came to my husband and said "coach I told him I was sorry for tackling him". I mean seriously I just wanted to cry over his tenderness! My husband said "you can say your sorry anytime as long as you tackle like that all the time!" He had a big smile on his face. So cute!
This boy lives with his aunt..along with a few other cousins. 
Yesterday was his birthday. 
Our football mom made him a cake. His cousin walks in (who lives with him) and says what's the cake for? They say it's your cousins birthday. He said it is?! Runs out to wish him a happy birthday before he comes into practice. 
This broke my heart. 
I pray it's because they were going to celebrate as a family today and that's why his cousin didn't know. I have a feeling it's because birthdays aren't such a big deal. Which kills me as a mom. Because we go over and above on birthdays because it's time to celebrate! And be thankful for the life given to us!

Now I think back to all the "try's" for Niylah's birthday..and wish and pray that would be the same effort for this boy. Now to do some shopping for this boy. Pray he feels blessed and special by his coach getting him a birthday gift.  I just want to squeeze him and tell him he is loved and throw him the biggest party ever!
He was very blessed by the cake for his birthday. And the team gave him a team sweatshirt. So thankful for these football moms! Wish I would have known earlier...but so thankful for them!

Happy birthday Niylah and James!
You are loved...treasured and chosen!


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